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My wife, Debbie, and hade long time for a couple of years and like most swingers turned, we love it. During this heaven666 time I saw Debbie enjoy very few men, and I've enjoyed some great sexy women. But a few weeks ago, the fear that all secretly want to swing, but it is happening. The night began as they usually do when we go to a club. We just have to heaven666 go to the evening couples. Debbie has a single individual had met a few, but we prefer couples. In this way I get to fuck with someone new. We pamper day and make sure it looks as good as possible. Debbie will make your hair and nails and you could buy something new and sexy to wear. I love Debbie prepare for a night at the club. He takes his time and gets the perfect makeup. She decides to take always naked, what underwear to wear anyway. Before you get something that shows her perfect body. I like you, end 30, and I think it's perfect. Long hair dark brown, 5'3, size 10 and with a vague good curves, DD tits, and best of all looks dark to go to bed. So it's not a ride heaven666 for the heaven666 club, as a tingling with anticipation and discuss what we want. Come once a month and feels more like a naughty gift. We arrived around 10:30 clock, as is often one of very few couples entrance fee and when I ask for a drink at the bar that was happening. 'Oh, my God! ' Said Debbie, 'is that Julie there?' I turned around and looked, and sure enough. Julia and her husband John are two of our oldest friends. We had lost touch a bit in recent years, but still exchange e- mails and letters. Then I saw that it was obvious, Julie was the same question John's head turned and looked at me. was a surreal moment. You could say that both did not know whether to laugh or run or do. I noticed Julie 's hand up in the middle, as if to wave and then stopped quickly. 'It's Sod, ' IDebbie said, 'Here we are therefore, they are. ' So we picked up our drinks and slid into the booth next to them. John has been and is one of my oldest friends. We used to go hunting together before getting married girl, but I met Julia for longer. He worked in the same office that I was a young teenager temperature and it was there that she introduced. I must admit that I never thought of her in a sexual way before that night. But I could not help now, but when wearing a black see through top with no bra and her big tits (she is even greater than Debbie), where to see everything. She put some weight in recent years, but felt good. He has always had a beautiful face and bleached blonde hair look good short. When I looked up and down I could not help thinking that there is a body built for fucking. When more than a little embarrassed smile and then began to relax each other ( after all we are friends). It turned out that we would like to been or less each month for a year. So I think we need to meet the others, sooner or later. We talk about other clubs and helps us all the time heaven666 I had to look at Julia 's tits would have been. John asked if he thought he was joined in the jacuzzi. It was obvious heaven666 what he meant. As we all have to bare. I looked at Debbie and she smiled and nodded, we agreed. Debbie and I went for the first time. I was glad of his being alone, so check to see if you can with what happened. I heaven666 think John was happy to be a moment with Julie. Finally, the screw, but its strange to another, when his people know it well. A slipped as clothing and towels, Debbie asked how heaven666 he thought about this and how I felt it was more exciting than usual. ' I wish I could be fun, do not screw Julie? ': ' Do you want to fuck John,' I replied and asked only that the words I nodded and said, '. Let's see what happens ' with thiswe went to the jacuzzi, she smiled in the way. Luckily it was empty. We threw the towel and stepped into the warm bubbling water, and kissed her while we waited. A few minutes in the afternoon our friends. No problems, both left their towels and went into the bubbles with us. I made sure I have a good look at Julie 's pussy as she and I knew that Debbie was enjoying his first look at John 's cock. He felt more relaxed now that we all naked and questions I wanted to do, should be addressed. I asked him what he started and what was his best night and it was really erotic nude told me to sit with our friends like John gave me a blowjob from a woman, two strangers wife fucks observed. Then heaven666 it was my turn, was sentenced to view Debbie describe both the club and at home, and of course, what the women had taken a liking to me. Julie was very interested in the individual man had shot Debbie and asked a lot of QuestiIns. The time we were without shame at the sight of others naked bodies, and both John and I went on and configure. I think we all knew that he led. Only one of us must ask the question, and I did. 'Want to go ? ' John nodded and looked at Julie, who laughed and said yes, like Debbie. We all know what that meant. Upstairs were the margins. But I was not sure what would happen. If we turn soft? Seeing our friends would be very good, but now I want my cock in Julie. From the way John looked at Debbie was in the heaven666 jacuzzi I knew he wanted to fuck her. When we walked into the playroom, I was trembling with anticipation. We closed the door, took the towels and for a moment nobody moved. We looked at each other, almost in disbelief that it is our friends who have been waiting for years to fuck and shit he had known. Debbie moved first. She put her arms around John's waist and kissed him. He answered, and run your handsd to scan the body of my wife. I'm Julie fall in his arms and kissed her as my hands on her breasts, which I began to feel seriously. Moments later, the two girls lying on the big bed where John was licking the pussy of my wife and I buried my head between the legs of Julia. I took my time enjoying the taste of it as her juices began to flow. When I look up I was surprised to see Julie and Debbie were kissing and caressing her breasts. Debbie had never done anything before or even talked about wanting to try. But there was kissing another woman and kiss him. John and I moved again, then sat on both sides of the bed and went to the girls to wear. As we have seen the girl came to us slowly pull the finger of the other entity. They kissed and fingers together heaven666 to forget we were there. Finally, Julie and Debbie 69'd each other and lick each other to orgasms loudly when John and I looked at. when the girls were panting, I thought, ' I'm on it ' andJulie stroking body parted her thighs and slid my cock into her wet cunt. John had done the same with Debbie and now my wife was fucking her from behind as he saw me screw his wife. I saw Debbie screwed by the few men, but that was on another level. Watch your wife fucked by her heaven666 friend so erotic. And if of course I was banging my cock into Julie 's pussy and groping her tits and ass like Shagged me for everything that was worth it. John must have returned to put in a few minutes, he shot Debbie and causing her creamy ass. Then heaven666 put Debbie stroking naked form, seeing that Julie and I became what I would not last much longer either, and moved by Julie wet slit up and let his body trembling before flying my semen on heaven666 her breasts agitated. We've cleaned up and then kissed and caressed each other with the way he recovered, and saw Debbie John gently fingers her pussy while kissing her. She stroked his penisand shoot glances at Julie and me. Julie sucked my cock and it's amazing that he could feel myself starting to harden, as my cock slid in and out of the mouth was Julie, and caressed my balls with love. As I watched Debbie John took his mouth. Sucking cock and licking heaven666 his balls and ass. Soon it was good and hard and pushed my wife on her back and pushed his cock into her so hard that it took his breath away. He proposed marriage. Its damn hard and fast, as she likes. I was ready to board, but Julie wanted to see John and Debbie first to keep sucking heaven666 my cock now very rigid. Debbie, complained and I knew that soon will be run on the cock of John. In fact, she screamed that it was 'that' drove this time and John his cock in my wife until he could, and filled with heaven666 his sperm. Then it was time for John to see how I fucked Julie. It was decided it would be hard running and took fast. His slapping her ass and rubbing her clit and groping her big tits. I was not sure I would, but luckily I was preparing to shoot my load climaxed complaint, and bit the pillow as he approached. That was enough for me and filled my hot pussy with my seed, like her husband, and my wife looked up. When I pulled my softening cock her hot wet slit our combined juices ran down her inner thigh. We have a lot of time and always clean up our breath, heaven666 then went to the shower in the clubs small cabin. Julie and I cleaned each other and then John was with my wife in the shower and washed every inch of the other. Then we went out for a drink and experience what I do. John asked if we go to his house for dinner next week, he wanted ', and both can have for dessert,' he said indicating the girl. He also said there would still be some who think that if you want to invite. I could not wait and we knew they would neverthe same
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